Need Remove Your App?

Are you the developer of an app that we’ve featured on our blog? You can decide to have it removed from our site if you want, and we’ll gladly comply with your decision. To get the app removed from our site, all you have to do is, email us from your official email address. 

Our email address: 

  • admin [at] 
  • (Please replace [at] with “@” sign)

How to email us for the removal: 

You have to send us the email from your official email address. The email address can be either referred to your app, or the developer company that owns the copyright of that app. Your email address will show somewhat like this: “[email protected], or [email protected]

When we’ll remove that app?

We usually take around 24 hours to remove an app from our server and our site. However, this process can take up to 72 hours to complete the removal. We take this time because we need to validate the email address and make sure the claim is indeed an official one. 

Thank you, 


  • 30 August 2022